Photo Confusion.

Since the dad’s shop closed, everyone has been on a cleaning frenzy. Well, everyone except the sister unit and me. Not because we are lazy. But because we had our major room renovation (hurrah! to shared room no more!) last year and we had our share of cleaning frenzy then.

So with all this cleaning going around, old photos are bound to resurface.

When I went out to the kitchen (after hiding in my room the entire day), I found the parental unit huddled over a photo and having a little debate. Curious, I went over and asked, “What are you guys looking at?”

At which point, the father unit proudly held up the picture and proclaimed, “Look! It’s a picture of you and your sister!”

I took a closer look at the photo and went, “That’s not Da-Jie! That’s me with the mushroom head! And that baby is Ah-Yong (my brother)!”

The mother unit looked at my dad and went, “HAA! I knew I was right!” and went to wash the dishes.

Dad:” But! That red and white dress! That was your sister’s!”

Me: “Erm..Lao-pa! Da-jie and I used be dressed exactly the same lah! And look! That girl has such a chubby face! It’s me!! See!” And I proceed to pinch my face.

At which point, the brother unit came into the kitchen and snatched the photo from me, “Ohmygod! What big heads we have!”



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