7 needles!

I finally dragged my ass over to a sinseh today. My regular sinseh was not around so I went to another one at the market.

BAH! 7 needles! He poked 7 needles! 5 on the leg+foot+ankle and 2 for the shoulders! BEH!

The one in the shoulder was particularly painful achey.

And when he took it out, BLUE BLACKS!

Now the right side of my body feels tired and numb and achey.

Hopefully, it’ll be okay soon.

Blue Blacks on the legs
Blue Blacks on the legs

Oh right. Mum was impressed with my pain threshold too! Apparently the sister unit fainted after 2 needles last time. WAHAHAHAHAH!

What is Bloo?

I bought Happy Meal for lunch on Thursday after seeing a little kid holding this –

Blooreguard Q Kazoo

Blooreguard Q Kazoo

YUPS! BLOO!! Haha. So I showed scotchey this picture on Friday after HP204 tutorial and she asked,

What is it?

I answered that it’s a character from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, so it’s an imaginary friend! Then she asked again,

Okay, I know. But what TYPE of imaginary friend is it?

Erm…I couldn’t answer that! Bloo is neither a monster or a human or a fairy ! It’s more like a blob of blue gloo? Haha.

Anyone has the answer to that question?!