Plurk@SG Outing (:

Heh. I almost didn’t go because I’m shy *hands over puking bucket* But, YUPS! I’m glad I went! 😀

I don’t know what to say but just that I had PLENTY OF FUN! Laughed until my side aches and my mouth is tired. It’s was really a fun night! (Even though I feel a little guilty for not studying!)

Thanks to Ingrid (or i-am-myy) and Daphne for organising! 😀

Here are some pictures koped from Willy and Claudia! (luckily the bimbotic pictures didn’t make it *phew*)

i totally sucked at the animal game!

i totally sucked at the animal game!

Other than bottles/7-Up, I really suck at “beer” games! The hand tapping one, the animal one and the guess direction one! Oh and 5-10-15! 😦 Krisandro and Janellee and Willy and Claudia had to explain quite a few times before I understand! Girls! We have been playing it wrongly ALL the time!! *thunders*

And I was lost at the guess-direction game cause Willy was staring so intensely at me that I got distracted! !@#*!@#!@*#!@#!

Janelle and ME! (:

David, Janellee, Me!

David, Janellee, Me!

Group Picture!

Group Picture!

I think I got a little drunk towards the end-.- Just imagine me when I have 2 hours of sleep and multiply that by 1.5 times. Hyperness at its max! WOOHOO!!

“Why is that no crossing sign green?”


4 thoughts on “Plurk@SG Outing (:

  1. 2 words, Darran! 2 words! Dream on!

    I have been training with my Elmo stuff toy since Friday! I WILL BE READY WHEN WE MEET! *maniac laughs*

    @Miccheng what’s that for? Darran and I are VERY COMPETENT and COMPETITIVE players ok? 😛

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