i like my photos in 2R!

YES! I like to print my photos out in 2R –


In fact, ever since 2005, I’ve been printing ALL my photos in 2R instead of the usual 3R/4R! Let me tell you some of the reasons why I love love love love my photos in 2R!

1. You can put them in your wallet/ez-link card holder!

bestie and me (:

2. You can put more than one photo in a photo frame! Save space – more photo frames, more pictures!

4 in 1 (image was edited abit)

4 in 1 (image was edited abit)

3. You can get little clips and hang them everywhere!

hang hang!

hang hang!

4. You can keep them in small books! No more headache of having no idea where to put your albums! I put mine in namecard books!



SO YAY! I love to print my photos in 2R! Don’t ask me why the next time you see me with them!



3.30pm I like coming into my room and seeing my pastel pink bedsheets! So cheery(:

8.30pm Muscle aches + Period = Potent Sleeping Drug. I just slept my Sunday away.

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