Happy 2009(:



2008 passed by in a jiffy. Can’t remember the first half of 2008 though. Either I am getting old or there’s nothing remarkable to report. The second half of the year are better, I guess. Starting from SMB3 (:


Whatever it is, I know 2008 has been a blessed year (: I spent significantly more time with my friends and made a bunch of new one on Plurk (: Even though it got kind of bumpy in August and towards the last 2 weeks of December, 2008 has been GREAT nonetheless. Last year, while watching the fireworks from my window, I asked for a happier and less emo-ish 2008 and that’s what I got! Thank you, God/Firework Fairies/Friends/Family (:

untitled-16Nothing much has changed. Still not a big believer of making resolutions. If you are new to me, well, I have this weird belief that resolutions never come true when you say it out. I have a niffy quote from the book I am reading but eh..too depressing for the new year(:

Anyways, here are a few of them –

1. Put on enough weight to go for blood donation!

2. Up my alcohol tolerance or give up totally.

The rest I am keeping it to myself(:

Here comes the fireworks! Happy 2009, everyone! (:


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