Huishan is a very confused girl 2.

This is in response to my previous post – Huishan is a very confused girl .

And on top of my Omny –


I got myself an NANOCHROMATICS! (: An orange one at that! *tada*

(yes, including the smiley)

introducing momo(: (yes, including the smiley)

Frankly, when I wrote the first post in September, getting a nano-chromatics is my last choice. Because I really thought it was redundant. By getting this, it’s just basically changing my 1st generation iPod nano. It meets none of my requirements! Especially the gaming component! 😦

2 weeks in, I’m quite satisfied(:

momo(: may look small, but it’s battery life is pretty amazing. I used it to listen to music on my way to school and to watch videos + podcasts on my way back. At the end of the day, the battery life was still going STRONG! It was still 4/5 full! Like seriously? WOAH! Omny dies after one video! Tsktsk. OH! And the image is CLEAR! VERY!

momo(: is Genius enabled. But so far, I am not very impressed with it. It keeps generating the same songs over and over again. And some songs do not match! Shake It! –> Fall For You?! How does that link? I was using Genius! to generate my playlist when I was running, and boy, it was SCREWED UP! Beh! *shrugs* Maybe it’s because my songs are not properly tagged.

momo(: has some pre-installed games! Like Maze and Solitaire-look-alike game! HAHAHAHA! The Maze game is just fantabulous can? Basically, I just navigate this little ball through a maze and collect little yellow balls. How do I navigate? By shaking momo(: left, right, up and down! Yes! Yes! Accelerometer! Hahahah. But hmmm. Apparently I can shake to shuffle my music! I can’t seem to do that. Ehh..I think I accidentally switched it off when I was configuring the first time. Opps! I’ll explore soon!

SO! Huishan is a very happy girl now(:

P/S: I realised that I have yet to write a review on Omny! Stay tune! Up soon(:

Oh and! I am still waiting for Nintendo DSI to hit town! I might just buy it(:

Nintendo DSI.

Nintendo DSI.


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