the fussy eater(:

Besides having a smaller appetite than normal, I am also a really fussy eater. It’s relatively easier for you to ask me what I eat than the other way round. Heh.

My mother likes to joke that it was a miracle that she can 把我养到这样大. In other words, it’s a miracle that I can grow until so big/old/this age.

Anyways, my fussy eating habit is probably worsen because my mum actually adapts to it. She will cook dishes for the family and then cook some other dishes for me ;p Spoilt!

The first memory of me being a fussy eater is from waaaayy back? I think I was 4 and I refused to eat dinner because there was steamed fish. My mum got my grandpa (since I adore my grandparents) to chase after me with a ketchup coated fish. Hahaha. I still remember that I end up crying and swallowing.

And I also remember my reason for not wanting to eat fish! ” I don’t want! It’s so cruel! The fish was taken away from the family and killed! NO!” Hahahaha. I think after I repeated it five or six times, my parents accepted it. I still stand by that reason btw.

Just that I am not as strict now. I eat fish if it’s in the form of burger or fish “n” chips. Hahaha.

Yah. Just pure randomness.


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