Red Cliff 2 – 赤壁下

My dad has always been a huge fan of 三国演义 (Romance of the 3 Kingdom). So every time Channel 8 shows the “documentary”, I’ll inadvertently watch it cause he was watching them. And out of the whole story, it’s the battle in the movie that caught my attention every single time. Besides, there’s the 成语 – “万事俱备 只欠东风”.

SO! After watching Red Cliff Part One with Juan and gang, I was totally and absolutely blown away. Especially the war tactic used! The way they portray it on TV is NOTHING compared to the one in the movie. WOAH!

Red Cliff Part 2 was almost just as good! Even though there’s more fighting than war tactics here. The cast was great as usual ! Storyline deviated a little away from the original version but it was still pretty fabulous. Humor was injected in the all the right places(:

I was a little bothered and irritated when everyone just kept laughing when the troops gave tang yuan to 周瑜! And especially when someone kept asking, “Why ah? WHY?” BEH! YOU GUNDU! THEY GAVE HIM MORE SO THAT HE WILL BE ABLE TO RE-UNITE WITH HIS WIFE LAH! *breathes* Yeah. Hahahahaa.

Anyways, strange thing is while watching the show, I did a little bit of reflection. DANG! I think I lose my cool way too easily. I should totally be like the wife! Cool, calm collected and 懂事! Hmm. Ahwells.


Oh and Darran! If you cannot find anyone to watch with you, CALL ME! I don’t mind watching again! Besides, I pang-seh-ed you -.- Heh.


Okay, 4.5 popcorns. Too lazy to do one up ;p


One thought on “Red Cliff 2 – 赤壁下

  1. heh, i’ve heard so many good reviews but you enthusiasm is…w00t! I think i’ll go catch it during one of my long breaks next week…lol

    ( GV should give you a commission )

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