The Winning Formula

“The Winning Formula” is supposedly an advanced professional imaging course that will span over 6 weeks. I signed up for it and was pretty eager about it until I went for the preview session.

I was not very impressed with the instructor. She had my attention for all of 10 minutes before I took out Omny and connect to the web.

It was just so fake/pretentious (ber’s word!). Even though I agree that image is pretty important and stuff, but I don’t agree that it is THE everything. The bottom line from her 2hr speech (yawn!) was that IMAGE IS EVERYTHING! It doesn’t matter that you don’t have the 料, as long as you look the part, you will get the job.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever *rolls eyes* It’s like okay, I look the part, I get the job, I don’t have the 料, I lost my job. RIGHT?! And your point is? Sheesh.

It just felt like a BEAUTY PAGEANT 101 module instead of an “..advanced professional imaging..” course.

And the speaker was not very inspiring? Or motivational.

I can still remember when I went for my AB228A course (Professional Imaging), I was so motivated by the 2 instructors that I started REALLY looking after my image! I wore make-up, sat up straight and wore nice clothes to school (even though the motivation wore off after 1 semesters and many breakouts). So yeah.

Not motivated = Dropping course.

BUT! I do like how she tries to prove her point by showing us a video from “America’s Got Talent”. That was pretty smart. Pretty my style of presentation 😀

And I like this that she said,

I think it’s very stupid. Using a mindset that is shaped by the past to determine/deal with your future. You should use a future mindset to help you achieve the future that you want.



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