Kampong Buangkok(:

I have no idea how this outing came about! Just that Victor and I was randomly throwing out venues in Darran‘s Plurk and then VIOLA! A photography outing was organised! *contented sigh* The wonders of social media. HAHAHA!

So, at 3.30pm today, Dorothy, Claudia, Victor, Darran and QiQuan met at Buangkok MRT. I was late 😦 Sorry! Heh.

Kampong Buangkok was not as wulu-wulu as I thought it was. Quite near civilisation actually. But, once you stepped inside, you really don’t feel like you are in Singapore. It was really a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon(:

I didn’t take a lot of pictures! But here’s the only one that I quite like from my camera –


Photography is not my forte! Even though I am interested in it. Heh. BUT! You can see all the pretty pictures of from the professionals photographers – Claudia, QiQuan, Victor and Darran. Dorothy and I are just there to look look see see (:

Oh and this little not so little dog came trotting towards me and I was a little terrified.

But in the end, it just wanted to shake my hand? o.O I have no idea. It sniffed a little and then raised up its front legs. Lucky it went away afterwards! *phews*

Thanks, everyone! And Claudia for leading the way! More outings to come! Henderson Wave?

rocking it!

rocking it!


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