if it’s over.

I don’t have a better title for this post. So what the heck. It has its own meaning.

I was just thinking (while bathing) if next time any guy decides to ditch me for another girl (let’s face it, it’ll occur), I hope that girl is one rung below me in the looks department at least. Hahahha.

And I think the one thing that I cannot stand is if the guy starts getting physical (holding hands, kissing) with the girl while he is still with me. Woah there, mister! Don’t touch me with those hands. Go to her. I don’t want you anymore. This is especially so in the case of flings.

I have plenty more to say. But I can’t. 不想在装懂事。 应为伤的是自己。如果完了,对我说。 我不要一直不当我自己。


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