My Drinking Problem.

Nonononono. I am not talking about this drinking problem –

But ANOTHER drinking problem. Apparently, it’s common in my family my sister had the same problem too!

See, during the Plurk@SG Outing v2, I drank a tiny amount. A bottle and a few sips from the cup of Hoegaarden I shared with Janellee.

When I was bathing, I started itching! Took quite a bit of determination and self-discipline to NOT scratch! (Man! I have high pain threshold and itch threshold!) My chest area turned red! I would show you a picture but then that will be indecent exposure. Heh. But yeah. You know how a person’s face turn red when they are drunk, yup! That color!

Hmph. It’s still itching the following day 😦


My sister had the same problem right? And I realized that she can now drink and have no problems! So I asked her what she did. And she said, “I kept drinking until it just disappeared one day!” (Yes, she realized she shouldn’t have said that and encourage me to drink!)

SO HAAAA! I will most definitely do that!!!!


Edit (19th Jan): Beer tolerance up! Doesn’t itch that much !


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