sometimes, it’s just too noisy.

Maybe it’s just me. Sometimes, Plurk gets a little too noisy for me. No, I am not talking about the number of friends I follow. Or the number of plurks I get per minute.

This noisy has nothing to with noise noise. It’s a quiet kind of noise, I guess. The kind of noise that occurs, that get amplifies when Plurk is quiet. When there’s no response.

I don’t know how to put the following point aptly. But I’ve 60 friends on Plurk, I’ve met slightly more or less half of them? Whatever.

Jumble of thoughts are too hard to track.

Bottomline: Sometimes, I think I need to log out of Plurk. Stay away. It makes me feel more sane. Even for a few hours. Besides, the people that matters are on my MSN. I’ll still know what they are doing even without Plurk.

I need to do some people-watching. Pronto. To sort out the thoughts.


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