Geek Talk I can stand. And those that I can’t.

I wrote this 5 days ago –

I boarded 179A this afternoon and the first thing I heard was 2 guys talking earnestly about their game. I don’t know what game it is but it’s one of those MMORPG game. They were talking about how to look for this and this weapons and then started boasting how many “monsters” they can kill. They got really loud!

Then on the train home, ANOTHER 2 guys are there talking about the same thing! YAWNS!

This kind of geek talk, I CANNOT ACCEPT!

Now, on the other hand, let’s turn to the kind of geek talk I don’t mind. Constructive geek talk.

For example, Darran and Willy was talking about Windows 7 when I reached on Thursday. That I can accept!

I mean I might act bored and uninterested but actually I’m listening in! I mean, at least this kind of geek talk adds to my knowledge! Even if I don’t understand some parts, I’ll still get the gist of it! And if I don’t, I’m sure somewhere down the road, I WILL! Or I can mull over it and google it!

This kind of “thought-provoking” geek talk I can take. As long as it doesn’t get too technical, you don’t have to halt the discussion immediately.

So yeah.


Met up with Michael,  Willy and Shuyun for dinner today. It was an interesting combination. The talk was a little too tech for me. But it was nice. I actually get to sit and listen. While trying to make sense of stuff.

And then later on, when Willy and Michael was talking about router this router that. Their excitement is infectious. I forgot when I got so excited about something. That I am like them. Probably back in secondary school?

I have been having this feeling for a few days now. Like I am not really using my brains. Even when I am studying or thinking about FYP. It’s like I am just using 20% of my brains. I know things but I dont process them. Sigh.

But! YES! I am going to find that passion about things that I’ve lost. I will try to get myself to fully utilise my brain again (:


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