The Wedding Game

Initially was supposed to go for Kbox with Janelle and Shuyun but due to the bapok-ness of my voice, we decided to skip it. So Shuyun and I ended up watching “The Wedding Game” at J8. Thanks, babe! For accompanying me(:

I won’t say this movie is excellent. Their product placement thingy was way too obvious. Then again, it fits into the story. So I don’t mind that much. And it was done rather tastefully. Not like “Love Matters”. (Love Matters sucked so much that I am not going to write a review for it.)

I would say the plot was pretty well-written? It is sort of derived from the actual love-story of the 2 couples. But it was tweaked and given a more movie-twist. Quite nice. But it was still pretty predictable(: Happy ending and all!

Humor was injected in the most unexpected way. And different from the usual lame-ass way we are used to. So that’s always a relieve!

Overall, a nice movie to watch! CHOOSE THIS OVER LOVE MATTERS!!!

3.5- popcorns

3.5- popcorns


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