He’s Just Not That Into You

I loved the book! So when I heard that a movie was coming out, *zoom* it went straight to my “Must-Watch” list.

Met up with the bestie for the show. Both of us were late! GV being GV, it never starts on time. So *phew*

At the start of the movie, I felt a little overwhelm. All the famous stars are being thrown right into your face. Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Connelly and the likes! I was a little afraid that the show was just gonna be that. No content, with lots of big names.

But WRONG! The movie was surprisingly nice(: Every star has their own story. And enough screen time (maybe except for Drew Barrymore). Especially the part where they show quotes and get people to comment on it! Made me laughed like nobody’s business(:

Of course, there are so many stories inside that you can relate to at least one. Me? I can relate to 2 and hope that 1 will happen to me! Which one is it? Not going to say ;p

But I have to say. The camera is not exactly very flattering eh? Jennifer Aniston looked old. Drew Barrymore looked wrinkly. Scarlett Johansson looked a little too curvy! Hmm. Maybe it’s just me.

Bestie said that she don’t want to get into a r/s after watching the movie. Me? NAH. Never really the relationship type of girl so it doesn’t affect me on that point. BUT! The movie is more like a light slap of the face. To remind myself about some of my takes and views about guys/relationship/flings.

I’m so going to get that book! Even though I think it might actually pale in comparison to the movie. But OHWELLS!



i miss camps.

while cleaning my room just now, a sentence of “Silvery Moon” snucked into my mind.

me being me, i couldn’t let it go until i had almost all the lyrics pieced in my mind. then the tune started. i remembered Mrs Ong singing it during one of the quiet guides’ session.

and there i go, singing it all night. i also started this plurk thread and a few others joined in with a lot of other songs!

i miss campfires. i miss camps. all the silly games we play. all the silly things we do (:

4 camps per year, 4 years of it. i miss the raaa-raaa atmosphere.

stop judging yourself through the eyes of other people. what does it matter as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror everyday?

“The Truth About Ruby Valentine” by Alison Bond.

No more quotes for now. Because I have Eclipse and Breaking Dawn! Fan-fiction FTW!

why are they called wisdom tooth?

why are they called wisdom tooth when they are so darn clueless and direction-less?!

This is how my left wisdom tooth look like –

stupid shit! *piaks* it totally has no sense of direction !!! haiyo.

they should be called “stupid tooth” instead of wisdom tooth. or maybe “clueless tooth”.

i thought i am clueless enough. but no, there’s something more clueless than me!

and no, you do not get to say, “like owner like tooth!” ;p

Ping.fm and the likes.

I’ve heard about ping.fm for awhie now. Never really got round to experimenting with it or even reading about it.

Basically, ping.fm is a free web service that enables users to post to multiple social networks simultaneously (Wikepedia). Just add and login to the large variety of social networks/microblogging sites available then VIOLA! Just login in to ping.fm the next time and all those sites get updated(: You don’t have to move from one site to one site, typing the same thing over and over again.

Sounds good, isn’t it? Especially if you want to maintain your karma (on plurk) or perhaps to keep your social profiles updated. Not for me. Not in my opinions though.

I just feel that web services like this just kinda remove the whole point of social networks or maybe even social media. Okay, social media is about interactivity, right? And social networks is to help you keep in touch with your friends right? It’s about 2-way communication. Your friends know what you are up to, you know what they are up to. You interact!

Like when you go to Plurk and update, you get to take a quick glance of what other people are up to. Response to comments on your own plurks and response to others.

By personally going to each website and update, it makes your update more sincere too! Especially since your network of friends do not overlap.

I’m sure that there’s some overlapping. But sometimes, certain updates are more relevant to a group of people in one social network than that of the other. Especially if one network is used mainly for work purpose and the other is more of a casual account. Therefore, if you mass update and the topic is something that is only relevant to one group, the other groups will be huh-ing. Or something like that.


And since you are mass updating, it decreases the incentive for you to check up on the responses. Over time, I am pretty sure (or I have observed) you’ll just stop checking. Only responding at certain time periods. After a very long time has elapse. Maybe then, people will be deterred from commenting on your updates. Because what’s the use right?  You won’t see it until very much later or after the discussion has died or after the discussion period has closed.

In the long run, it means bad news.

So yups. I am against the idea of ping.fm but I’ve heard that FriendFeed is something similar but you actually get to view the responses. Maybe I should go try it out.

What’s your opinion?

Mafia Wars.

If you are on Facebook, you have probably heard of Mafia Wars. Over the past 3 months or so, I have received plenty of invitation to join the game. Sometimes from the same person-.-

Of course, there has been much ado and discussion on Plurk as well. And then there’s the many spin off. Like Fashion Wars.


I think I joined the game back in December/January. Clicked around for 5minutes and deleted the application.

I LIKE MY GAMES INTERACTIVE! They should move, have music and at least have some colour!

But from my 5 minutes with Mafia Wars, I gathered that it has none of the above! Basically, I just go around clicking? Like a lot of times? Until I get some points or something to level up. Hmmmmmmm.

It’s even worse than Pet Society! At least Pet Society has cute cartoon characters!

BAH! Someone! Explain to me! Or maybe I should go try the game out.

Ok, if I received 5 more invites, I will join!

Underworld and Underworld: Evolution was not too bad. More on that soon.

Tonight was quiet. Staying off MSN, Skype and even Plurk with random sneaks at FB.

I’m not very impressed with what I’ve seen.

How far will you run this time? Go. Run. Coward. Wuss. Not very satisfied.

I wonder. How many are friends, spies and just staying for networking purposes? I’ve never felt more unstable. But such is life.

I realised that you don’t get to sit on fences when you are involved in the fight. And if you choose to, you are just playing both sides. Or just hurting one.

Random. No comments to this post please.

I just want to be left alone. For tonight. Enjoying my own company.