Comparing Omnia and Lumix.

I’ll blog about the outing properly tomorrow (or later. I still have CNY post!). For now, I did an interesting “experiment” with 5MP Omny and 4MP Panasonic Lumix at the Shootout.

Here’s the results –

which is which?

which is which?

Which one do you like better? Can you guess which is which?

Omny was shooting at ISO 800, Macro. Lumix was shooting at Auto (for ISO), Macro.

Maybe it was not a fair “match” due to the ISO thingy (I have no idea). But I like Lumix’s shot better! Heh. But everyone on Plurk liked Omny’s. Hmmm.

Okay! Work then bedtime! I had an EXCELLENT DAY today! Thanks, everyone(:

And I’m ready to have a “down” day tomorrow/soon. Because that always follow a good day.


One thought on “Comparing Omnia and Lumix.

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