I’m a quiet extrovert.

At least that’s what I think I am.

I am most definitely not an introvert. That’s for sure.

I have days where I am just bursting with life and energy. I can talk until your ears drop off and I am still going on and on about anything and everything. I can be just like a hyperactive kid, woo-ing and aah-ing about everything. I will be super friendly to strangers and stuff.

Then, there are days when I am quiet. I observe. But I have to be around people. I observe people when they work, watch tv and stuff. They can talk and as long as it does not involve me participating, cool! But I will join in as and when I feel like. You can just catch a glimpse of the noisy me.


OH YAH! I am a pessimistic optimist too! Go figure! (:

OHOH! And a sociable anti-social (I think I have a draft about it somewhere!).


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