I guess having no dates/outings this week seems to be a good idea. On Tuesday, halfway through BF324 quiz + munching sweets, a really strong image of ECP popped into my mind.

And that’s it! I decided to go to ECP on Wednesday! I almost didn’t go cause I am so darn afraid of getting lost-.- But my mum accompanied me so heh!


sunset(: kinda.

It was kinda wasted that after cycling for 30 minutes, it started to rain very heavily! We waited for another 30 minutes before it turned into a drizzle. I wanted to go out and cycle but my mum refused to let me! MEH! But after some persuading, she let me ! And I cycled for another 15 minutes(:

The thing about going to the beach with my mum is that she is always in a rush to leave? o.O I was at the jetty, enjoying the breeze and looking at the waves. 5 minutes later, she said, “Let’s go!” *piaks forehead* Ohwell.

It’s been a nice day(: Going to the beach is as close to nature as you can get in Singapore! Hehe.




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