Shootout @ Sentosa Flower Festival.

Very, very delayed post. But seeing that no one has blogged about it yet, I think it’s okay! (: Hahaha.

A group of us met on 1st February to head to Sentosa for the Flower Festival. As it was the last day, the flowers are indeed “dying”. MEH! But they are pretty nonetheless. Nothing special though. I think I can find most of the flowers in/at the corridors of my block. Heh.

I think we were so focused on the flowers and taking pictures (of them and of ourselves) that we didn’t really read the history/introduction/stories behind the flowers. But ohwells.

The most exciting part was when we spotted some bees at this bush of flowers. All of us started gathering around the bush and started shooting. My favorite bee shot! (Actually, I am quite impressed with all my bee shots considering that I am afraid of them and I was practically touching them when I took the pictures!!)

2 favorites!

2 favorites!

For the rest of the pretty (for a noob) pictures, please go to my Facebook account – Sentosa Outing(: Comments are welcomed! Heh.

Oh! And there’s that interesting “experiment” I did to compare Omny’s Macro function with my Lumix’s. Read about it here.

So after we finally got sick of the flowers, we went for LUGE!! WOOHOOO!!

Victor and Me!

Victor and Me!

We went for 3 rounds – 1 practice and 2 race! Here are the race results ! Willy and Darran, you guys wait! We will go for Luge ride again and I am going to kick both your asses! WAHAHAHAHA! (:

The sky ride was fantabulous! And erm..yes, as it was long ride, I managed to camwhore got trigger-happy! (: I like this picture!!

qiquan and me! (:

Notice the rays of sunlight? Nice right?! Heheh. I always get them at the most random moments! The last time I got them was 2 years ago in this photo (in the same top!) –

emo shot!

emo shot on the train!

Someone tell me how I got those ray of sunlight! Both pictures are taken with Samsung camera phone actually. Hmm.

Anyways, so after the Luge ride, we decided to call it a day and went to Vivo for dinner! I insisted on Sushi Tei because I haven’t eaten Japanese food in eons! πŸ˜› So the few of us bank our butts there, ate and played some lateral thinking game. It was there where I finally solved the mystery of the “Numbers” game. HAHAH! TAKE THAT! I took some videos and they are on FB(:

Of course, Victor tested out his quad camera by making me do 4/8θΏžζ‹γ€‚ Here’s one of them!

8 shots!

8 shots!

I had to chop them into half cause it’s like REALLY long! Hahaha. But I had fun(: I love taking pictures (most of the time). Hehehehe.

All in all, I had a fun day(: Can’t wait for the next shootout! Join us next time! You don’t need big scary DSLR camera! Normal point and shoot or camera phone will do (:

Here are the links to the pictures taken by the rest –

Hendri: Sentosa Flowers 2009 (He used film!!)

Qiquan: Sentosa Flower Fest – Feb 2009

Victor: Sentosa Flower 2009 Shoot Out! + Sentosa Outing

Vincent: Sentosa Flower Festival 2009 (He was using iPhone!)

I think a few others have yet to upload their pictures. Hmmm. Ohwells!

Don’t I feel noobish when I am around them. But I’ll still shoot (:

rocking it again!

rocking it again!


3 thoughts on “Shootout @ Sentosa Flower Festival.

  1. I haven’t done a blog post for this yet, but I had a good time taking shots and eating sushi afterwards!

    I did put a few pictures up on flickr, but they were mostly of flowers….

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