Mafia Wars.

If you are on Facebook, you have probably heard of Mafia Wars. Over the past 3 months or so, I have received plenty of invitation to join the game. Sometimes from the same person-.-

Of course, there has been much ado and discussion on Plurk as well. And then there’s the many spin off. Like Fashion Wars.


I think I joined the game back in December/January. Clicked around for 5minutes and deleted the application.

I LIKE MY GAMES INTERACTIVE! They should move, have music and at least have some colour!

But from my 5 minutes with Mafia Wars, I gathered that it has none of the above! Basically, I just go around clicking? Like a lot of times? Until I get some points or something to level up. Hmmmmmmm.

It’s even worse than Pet Society! At least Pet Society has cute cartoon characters!

BAH! Someone! Explain to me! Or maybe I should go try the game out.

Ok, if I received 5 more invites, I will join!

3 thoughts on “Mafia Wars.

  1. Lol It’s low maintanence mah. If it had all that flash, then the loading would be slow and it’d be much more difficult to use. But again this is all up to you! LOL. We like it coz it’s simple. Have Music… Would you want the same tune repeating endlessly on a loop? Eeee not nice.

  2. I prefer to stay on the sidelines of MWars and just read the descriptions on everyone’s pages. In one night, my sister has Whacked a Rival Crew Leader, Fought a Vampire Slayer and participated in a MegaToilet Flush.
    Oh yeah, and she is a banking exec during the day!

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