and the likes.

I’ve heard about for awhie now. Never really got round to experimenting with it or even reading about it.

Basically, is a free web service that enables users to post to multiple social networks simultaneously (Wikepedia). Just add and login to the large variety of social networks/microblogging sites available then VIOLA! Just login in to the next time and all those sites get updated(: You don’t have to move from one site to one site, typing the same thing over and over again.

Sounds good, isn’t it? Especially if you want to maintain your karma (on plurk) or perhaps to keep your social profiles updated. Not for me. Not in my opinions though.

I just feel that web services like this just kinda remove the whole point of social networks or maybe even social media. Okay, social media is about interactivity, right? And social networks is to help you keep in touch with your friends right? It’s about 2-way communication. Your friends know what you are up to, you know what they are up to. You interact!

Like when you go to Plurk and update, you get to take a quick glance of what other people are up to. Response to comments on your own plurks and response to others.

By personally going to each website and update, it makes your update more sincere too! Especially since your network of friends do not overlap.

I’m sure that there’s some overlapping. But sometimes, certain updates are more relevant to a group of people in one social network than that of the other. Especially if one network is used mainly for work purpose and the other is more of a casual account. Therefore, if you mass update and the topic is something that is only relevant to one group, the other groups will be huh-ing. Or something like that.


And since you are mass updating, it decreases the incentive for you to check up on the responses. Over time, I am pretty sure (or I have observed) you’ll just stop checking. Only responding at certain time periods. After a very long time has elapse. Maybe then, people will be deterred from commenting on your updates. Because what’s the use right?  You won’t see it until very much later or after the discussion has died or after the discussion period has closed.

In the long run, it means bad news.

So yups. I am against the idea of but I’ve heard that FriendFeed is something similar but you actually get to view the responses. Maybe I should go try it out.

What’s your opinion?

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