thinks it is unnecessary for people to talk all the time. silence works just as well. i miss ber because she’s probably the only person who understands this concept. why are you in paris? 😦 i miss our stoning sessions at random starbucks!

wonders whether that dinner was as nice as it was for me for the other person that night.

i dont need people who edge me on. to be bitchy. to be mean. i know they are good ways of venting. but they always make me feel guilty afterwards.

likes how i get energized just being around certain people. and how she gets soothed just being around them. these people removes whatever things that makes me have the need to vent. fling is one of them. hahaha.

reading book 3 and 4 of the Twilight series is going to be a pain. i want to know what happens. but erm..i am getting bored! everytime i read, i will go, “just get on with it already! *scan page and flips* WHAT?! still going on about the same thing?” HAHAHAHAHA!

i need more non-fiction books to read! recommendation? i think i should wrapped my “Microtrends” book and start from there. RECOMMENDATIONS!

for a textbook about communication, it’s lacking alot in the communication area. the author is so long-winded! then again, it might be me. cause most of things i am learning now is kind of similar to Psych101. Hm.

decided to plan her purchase of iTouch. NEVER buy big purchases without planning. yes, iTouch is a huge purchase for me.

Alright, BED!

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