me and radio stations(:

Most people tend to find one radio stations they like and stick to it. Me? Nopes.

I switched between 91.3 and Class 95 (: Yes 93.3 used to be one of them but I just can’t keep up with Chinese music anymore. Plus, the DJs tend to talk way too much in a super cute-sy way 😛

I still remember Juan’s reaction when I told her I am listening to Class95 back in Year 1! She went, “Noooooooooooo!!!”. Hahaha. But yeah.

Then after that, I switched back to 91.3 cause Class 95 was a little too slow for me.

Now? 91.3 in the bathroom and Class 95 in the room at night (: In the afternoon? I’ll listen to my iPod or no music at all (:

Edit: I want INTERNET RADIO back!!!!


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