Misleading Survey?

I am supposed to be on a break from the online world – Plurk, Facebook, MSN and blogs. But I think I should blog about this.

I was doing the AACSB/EQUIS survey and was happily reading the instructions when I saw this –

misleading instruction.

misleading instruction.

Even though the point they are making is valid, I think the idea can be better phrased? Such that it is less misleading. Because this sentence is almost like telling the participants what/how to answer. I have a feeling that their answer might be skewed. Even if it’s not, it could be a potential weakness.

And then towards the end of the survey, I saw this –

but i have never live in other countries!

but i have never live in other countries!

Basically the error message says, “..Your numeric answer for question 11 must be more than 0..”. But but but…I’ve never lived(live?) in other countries for more than 6 months!! Gee! So I end up writing, “1; Singapore; 22 years”.

So yups. I think ever since attending HP102 and AB213, I have this thing against badly constructed survey 😦 Or maybe I am just more sensitive to misleading words and phrasing ba. Ohwells.

But, yes…FAIL!


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