Happy Birthday, Singapore Photographers’ Club! You’re ONE!

After fetching Omnia from the service center (servicing FAIL), I went to City Hall to meet Victor, QiQuan and Sarah at Sakae Sushi(: A quick lunch and off we go to SupperClub!



We were late! So when we entered, Willy Foo went, “The bloggers are here”. Victor and I were a bit shocked. HAHA. So erm..I just raised my hand and waved. The event kicked off with the SPS game and that’s when I saw the REALLY REALLY beautiful cake!!

the birthday cake (taken with digital zoom)

the birthday cake (taken with digital zoom from the 2nd level)

I had 2 slices! *cough* glutton *cough* But it was FANTABULOUS!! I had a sugar rush afterwards! Hehehe. I was eyeing the camera. Damn! I so wanted to eat that! (Yes, I love icings!)

ANYWAYS! After the cake cutting session, there was a series of talk and sharing session. QQ and I fell in love with Natalia’s macro-shots! *swoons* OH! And I was awed by Zhang Jingna. Totally blown away. Was feeling a little sheepish too. Because she’s so young and yet she’s achieved so much. And her guts to quit school and pursue something that she loves is totally *kowtow*

All in all, it was pretty nice(: Even though we kinda stoned and almost fell asleep somewhere in between. But yups!

Oh! We had an impromptu shooting session afterwards-.-

the bar away at the top.

Some thoughts

I realised during photography events, one way or another, the topic always turn technical. It will be like, “Oh! Your pictures look great! What lens/exposure/<insert technical terms> did you use?” and the conversation will start to drift that way. For beginners like me, the entire conversation will just go *whoosh* over my head and I tune out. And I wonder if this tendency to turn technical means that without the equipment, you can’t take good pictures? I know that’s NOT TRUE. But yeah.

All these talk about <technical stuff> might just scare beginners off? I think a constant “worry” for beginners when they are deciding if they should go for photog outings might be, “Omg. I don’t know about all the things that they are saying!” and then they will just not go. And the cycle continues. They will continue to not know how to fully utilise their cameras and etc.

Sometimes, I wish that someone will really go back to the basic. Like talk about framing, positioning and something that is none technical? Perhaps cater to people who don’t own a DSLR? *shrugs*

Hmmm. Everytime I go for this kind of talks, I will feel pretty “excluded” because photography seems like such an expensive hobby.

Okay, this woman is tired. The thoughts are probably not very well-expressed and if I continue, I am going to have verbal-diarrhea and end up offending people. More when I am more awake or when you guys meet me !

Off to configure my useless Omny.


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