the end of a chapter.

okay, speedy post to note things down.

exams are over. unofficially graduated. nothing much.

starting to realize that change in my lifestyle may be required. including not being able to do silly stuff.

WebSG was pretty good.

Got followed on the way home. Almost right to the door step. I know he followed me till the 6th floor. Don’t know if he managed to follow me all the way up. VERY shaken by it especially after the scary things my sister just told me.

concussion in progress. hopefully dreams wont be scary tonight.


the photo that brought back memories.

While browsing through FB on touch, I saw this photo –

Kenneth Lin - Singapore Photographers 56th Photographer of the Week Award

Kenneth Lin - Singapore Photographers' 56th Photographer of the Week Award

The texture of the wall and the ceiling looked and felt familiar. Going through the comments, I found out that this picture was taken at Mandai crematorium.

Somehow or another, memories started gushing back. The only time that I was there was for my gramp’s funeral. I remembered boarding the bus there. While everyone was crying, I was there, holding back the tears. When we were told to look at my gramps for the final time. When they pushed his body away. Everyone was crying, my aunt was calling out to my gramps and I was there. Dried-eyes.

Remembering that I was focusing on the surroundings than the situation around me. Telling myself that it’s funny how pretty this place is. I mean, who is going to notice? Amazed at the presence of escalator.

And then when the memories stopped, I started crying. I miss my gramps 😦 Okay, thinking about those memories now is making me tear.

It’s stupid that I can’t visit him because if I do cab down to the place, there’s no guarantee that I can get a cab out. WHY MUST IT BE SO BLOODY INACCESSIBLE?!

I just miss him. And there’s so much I want to tell him. Especially since I am graduating and starting work real soon. Starting another part of my life. Graduation *dry laugh* I remembered holding on to his hand in the hospital and telling him that he must make it through because he needs to be there for my graduation.

*slaps self* DO NOT CRY, WU HUISHAN! Remember what you promised gong gong?

Right. The power of pictures.

Leg Cramps.

I get cramps quite a bit. Especially at the sole of my foot. They happened so often that a friend and I used to laugh about it when it happens. Initially, he will try to ease it but after awhile, we just got used to it. But that’s over.

ANYWAYS! Occassionally, cramps occur at the shoulders/necks and at the legs. But those usually happen during the morning when I wake up.

And while mugging for my final paper tomorrow, I came up with a final theory why I always get cramps at these areas.

Everyone knows how klutzy I can get right? So! Maybe my blood drops/muscle thingy are klutzy too! You see, when things are normal, they move in a straight line –

normal mode.

normal mode.

So, being the klutz that they are, one of them is bound to fall down or trip or something.

clauds mode: one falls.

clauds mode: one falls.

When one falls, the flow of blood/muscle thingy gets disrupted and major jam occurs!

FAIL mode -major jam.

FAIL mode -major jam.

When major jam occurs, CRAMPS HAPPEN!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! So yeah. I have no idea, man. Mugging for core modules (especially finance) puts funny thoughts into my brain. Good thing I am not going to work in the finance sector eh? Can you imagine the lame stuff that I can come out with? 😛

But yeah.

I got a leg cramp in the left leg this morning. It woke me up at 9am and 12noon-.- And I found 6 blue-blacks marking the spots of the cramp –

6 signs of blue-blacks.

6 signs of blue-blacks.

Not very obvious in the picture. But yeah. The leg is aching like mad now. Lucky the mini-cramp in the right leg didn’t do much damage.

Ironic isn’t it? I didn’t even go for a stroll yesterday!


Elvin Ng’s Blog.

Celebrity’s blogs are usually filled with updates about what they are up to. nothing about thoughts or the likes.

I stumbled upon (as my mum put it) “我的帅哥” , also known as Elvin Ng’s blog.

Did a quick scan through and this post caught my eye.

Simple lyrics but yet, it tweaks the heart a little. Hmm.

Bedtime. 3.30am already! HAIYO!

too much.

i think i ate too much for dinner.

after lei cha with Shuyun, Victor and Vincent, we went to the Macs near my house where I had 2 ice-cream cones, fries, 1 nugget and 1 XS cup of coke.

*burps* now i have hiccups!

omg. if i continue to meet them for dinner, i am going to put on weight. because a)i always eat more than my usual amount and b) we go for many rounds of food.

*wishes* please let all the extra weight goes to the chest area. or just distribute them equally. don’t let them concentrate on the face and arms!

*slinks off to do one more chapter before sleeping*

for the record, here’s how many times i have met them for dinner last week –

Victor: 4 days

Vincent: 3 days

Shuyun: 2 days

Darran: 2 days

Qiquan: 2 days

*thunders* but i love them! hahahaa.

the bee that refuses to let me poo.

Okay, so I have a morning paper today and I woke up at 6am. After a lovingly (but hurriedly) made breakfast of 2 breads, I left the kitchen and toilet on while I went back to nuar in bed.

At around 6.40, I got out of bed and went to the toilet to do my business. So there I was, happily waiting for “inspiration” to hit me when I heard this insect-ey kind of noise. I looked up and LO AND BEHOLD! There’s a wasp in the toilet! It kept knocking into the light!

Knowing that “inspiration” is never going to hit, I hurried cleaned and got out of the washroom. But once I am out, the wasp was gone!!!

So I decided to go in again, and TADA! It flew back in from the window! I got out and VIOLA! It flew out!!

I have a stalker wasp! @!#!@#!@$!@%!@%

Erm..yes. I just told my mum what happened and she’s still laughing ._.

Hold On by Wilson Phillips

While listening to Class 95 and typing furiously away on the practice questions for my Monday paper, I heard this song.

There’s this particular part that goes –

Some day somebody’s gonna make you want to turn around and say goodbye; Until then baby are you going to let them hold you down and make you cry.

And I just feel like screaming out !@#!@$!@$!@$!@$ to a certain someone. Because he sucks. So yeah. FU! Go to hell, you coward!

Sorry. Stress lah. LOLS!