Shisha smoking.

I’ve known the existence of Shisha for a little while now. But I have no exact idea about what it is. I’ve always thought that it was regulated? Like cigarettes.

While walking along Haji Lane today, I saw a group of teenagers smoking it. And…it just totally threw me off. I was pretty disturbed and upset.

The worst part was that a few of them were actually looking at us with this fear in their eyes. Eyeing our cameras *sigh* And then as we walk further down the lane, shop owners actually approach us?

Is shisha a new thing? Why didn’t our government do something about it until now? I seriously don’t care if adults shisha-es! But teenagers? I don’t know.

Do they know what they are smoking? Informed enough to make an informed decision?

I don’t know. Still disturbed. I wanted to take pictures of the group of teenagers and the whole scene. But I didn’t have the courage. Not very appropriate either, I guess.

More about Shisha from HPB and Wikipedia.

Edit: The whole scene/street reminds me of olden days? When opium smoking was “in”. People lazing around and smoking from a pipe 😦


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