airhead moment part 1 (must be the ponytail).

SO! I went for a stroll today (today being Sunday) after a hiatus of 1.5weeks? (No, walking home from the station is not counted). The sky was pretty and there’s that wind in the air. So I kicked myself out of bed and off I go! With a ponytail (screw the rebond)!

The short stroll ended up taking an hour because I tried to be “artistic” by taking pictures of random street stuff and of course, of the road signs.

Anyways, I saw this sign right opposite Deyi –

use overhead.

use overhead.

I must have walked passed it a gazillion times in my 4 years in Deyi. Another gazillion times on my way home and outside. But! It was only today that I realised that the sign was “talking” to ME! Yes, ME! The pedestrian! *smacks forehead* Why the sudden 灵机一动, you ask?

Well, there I was trying to tiptoe and tilt Omny into the exact angle I like and wondering, “Hmm..Why must they underline the word pedestrains? And why are they telling the drivers to use overpass and mention the pedestrians?” And then right after Omny went *click*, my brain clicked too! And yes, I was so proud of myself! I almost wanted to plurk about it.

Before I realised that everyone probably know about it already.

(This is part 1 only. Part 2 tomorrow night.)

Yes, so this is my happy thought for the day! ;p


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