because you guys are un-complicated(:

Happy post of the day! (:

We celebrated RB2’s birthday today at Va Va Voom!

happy 22nd, RB2!

happy 22nd, RB2!

As usual, we laughed and joked around alot. And I kept smacking RB2 (but thats expected). Hahaha.

The baby donuts look so yummy-licous! I think the next time I’m there, I’m going to get them instead of the usual size ones. Then again, I love HEAVEN BERRY too much! The small ones won’t do! Hmmm.



A video should be coming up! I think it needs some editing but if I’m too lazy to do that, I’ll just upload the ‘raw’ version. So, STAY TUNE!

We didn’t take a group shot but these are good enough (from QQ’s camera) –

one rose. many thorns?

QQ and me -the roses ;p

QQ and me -the roses ;p

i like being around them. because we are simple. no complicated ties. loves~

HOPE YOU HAD FUN, RB2! (no, there’s no ORD!)


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