thank you(:

quick post before i zoom zoom off to bed. really cannot tahan anymore. FB, please upload the last batch NAO!

back from the mini-Malacca trip with Victor, Vincent and QQ – the 3 陈s! It was fun! My first trip overseas since I was 15 (that will be 7 years ago). Will blog about it tomorrow! Memorable things, favorite things and experiences(:

but first of all, MAJOR THAKS TO VICTOR!

victor and sunshine bear.

victor and sunshine bear.

He booked our bus tickets, our hotel, planned the tour and basically, brought us everywhere! He even paid for most of our food! I am glad to say that…



All in all, thank you everyone for the nice weekend. Time to hit the books. GO GO JIAYOU!




One thought on “thank you(:

  1. Alamak… Not most of the food lah! Where got? You all also paid for others wat? (doh)

    Anyway, remember to google for the things that you need to know of Malacca… that’s not part of the package! 😛

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