if i were a boy.

ONE MORE PAPER TOMORROW THEN 10 days break/long study week! *dance*

Wednesdays are always the hardest.

ANYWAYS! Getting reconnected with biology was refreshing (: And I don’t mean it in a sarcastic way. I really like biology!

I wore my super huge red t-shirt today (: Always put me in a good mood! Almost.

Went for a modified stroll and I found a new stretch of route that is pretty nice. Noisy, yes. But nice. I shall try it out tomorrow or on Sunday! It will lengthen the distance I walk too! So that’s all good.

One boo boo will be that I have to forgo the quiet walk outside Deyi. But we’ll see how the new route work out (:

I bought Macdonalds for dinner! Nuggets + Sweet & Sour Sauce + Curry Sauce + Super Salty Fries = Heaven! But I am paying it with cramps now-.- It seems like Macdonalds is a must have before exams. HAHAHA! Ohwells.

Yups! Happy things for the days(:


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