Singtel Exclusive Blogger F1 Race.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the exclusive F1 race organised by Singtel for bloggers(: Thanks, Nanyate for the invite! loves~

SO! Victor, QQ, Vincent, Shuyun and I met up at 6.40pm. All late for the event! But they are working mah! And I…erm…I came from a very “tough” mugging session at home ok?!

ANYWAYS! We arrived and after signing up, the first thing I did was zoomed for the food! I was hungry! Hahahaha. OH WAIT!

Mus was super cute! When we came in, he walked passed us and went something like, “ guys better don’t sign up..” We were all like o.O before we burst out laughing. I HEART YOU, MUS! 😛

OKAY! Where were we? Food! Right, so as I was about to scoop rice onto my plate, Claudia said we HAVE to try on the racing suit! So I put down my plate unwillingly and went to put on the suit.

i cant be a grid girl, so i become a racer!

i can't be a grid girl, so i become a racer! (from Claudia's Innov8)

and a silly driver at that (:

and a silly driver at that (: (from Victor's camera)

It was pretty embarrassing cause everyone was staring at Uncle Vincent and I while we try to put on the suit! But yeah. Me being me! A little attention spurs me on ;p Yes, yes! HAHAHAH! Here’s a video and another one by Victor(:

One by one, we all took turns to try the simulator!

ready, set, go!

ready, set, go!

It was definitely one-helluva experience! You know those rides at Singapore Science Center where you go into a box and get shake around? It’s EXACTLY like that but BETTER! Total adrenaline rush! Woots! But it was super warm in the “race car” and by the time I finished, my back was aching (from bumping into walls too much)! Definitely FUN! Shiok-a-licious! (I sound so beng!)

Here’s the result!

race results!

race results!

I beat the 4 of them 😛 Victor is after Shuyun! Heh. Maybe like what Shuyun says, “..PLAIN LUCKY!” or maybe I am just damn good! ;p No lah. I had quite a bit of coaching from the guy who was there to assist us. He told me when to shift gear and stuff! So maybe that helped! 😀

Just when I was about to sit down and rest, Victor wanted to try on the racing suit and off I go to put it on again! *smacks forehead*

looking fierce! LOLS!

looking fierce! LOLS!

All in all, it was an interesting event! I’m glad I ditched the books and went! Now! Time to befriend those books again before heading to bed! Look out for a looong post on Wednesday or Thursday!

Once again, thanks Nanyate for the invite! (:

*clicks publish and chants, ” I love books, I love books!” *


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