the bee that refuses to let me poo.

Okay, so I have a morning paper today and I woke up at 6am. After a lovingly (but hurriedly) made breakfast of 2 breads, I left the kitchen and toilet on while I went back to nuar in bed.

At around 6.40, I got out of bed and went to the toilet to do my business. So there I was, happily waiting for “inspiration” to hit me when I heard this insect-ey kind of noise. I looked up and LO AND BEHOLD! There’s a wasp in the toilet! It kept knocking into the light!

Knowing that “inspiration” is never going to hit, I hurried cleaned and got out of the washroom. But once I am out, the wasp was gone!!!

So I decided to go in again, and TADA! It flew back in from the window! I got out and VIOLA! It flew out!!

I have a stalker wasp! @!#!@#!@$!@%!@%

Erm..yes. I just told my mum what happened and she’s still laughing ._.


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