too much.

i think i ate too much for dinner.

after lei cha with Shuyun, Victor and Vincent, we went to the Macs near my house where I had 2 ice-cream cones, fries, 1 nugget and 1 XS cup of coke.

*burps* now i have hiccups!

omg. if i continue to meet them for dinner, i am going to put on weight. because a)i always eat more than my usual amount and b) we go for many rounds of food.

*wishes* please let all the extra weight goes to the chest area. or just distribute them equally. don’t let them concentrate on the face and arms!

*slinks off to do one more chapter before sleeping*

for the record, here’s how many times i have met them for dinner last week –

Victor: 4 days

Vincent: 3 days

Shuyun: 2 days

Darran: 2 days

Qiquan: 2 days

*thunders* but i love them! hahahaa.

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