the simple company i love.

Friday, 8th May

I was late because I ended work late and made the mistake of taking cab instead of the train. The jam was horrendous, my driver was falling asleep and I was at the back, hoping that it won’t turn out to be another $30 cab ride (it’s not).

We (Victor, QQ, Vincent and I) headed straight for G2000 where I tried several outfits. All FAIL! I ended up buying a nice white top (yes, white again) that looked awful on me in pinkish-red. I have to say, Victor is the toughest ‘critic’! Anyways, THANKS GUYS! I need to buy more though.

Darran came to join us and we had dinner at Pasta Cafe. Still FAIL. We stayed until they closed before heading to Xin Wang at Cine(:

As usual, we talked crap (as QQ put it) and totally random stuff. But it was nice(: Simple company rocks!

Sometimes I am afraid that we are meeting up too often and that they are meeting me because they dont know how to say no. But it’s just me over-thinking eh? Whatever it is, THANK YOU! Thanks for being there when I am emo. Thanks for pushing and pulling me when I gave up. Thanks for going out with me! And I guess, most importantly, thanks for the simple company!(:

(Hopefully I don’t jinx anything.)

Saturday, 9th May

Baking was not nice per se. But, the cookies are! A little over-baked but who cares? Cynthia and I are happy enough. We got talking towards the end and it was nice. What happen to the simple company that we used to have? That’s the question we kept asking.

ANYWAYS! The parents decided to bring the grams to the MacDonald’s near my house for dinner to “celebrate” Mothers’ Day! Random talk with the parents and brother. And it was pretty nice(:

Well, it’s always nice to see my grams. I love her plenty!(:


grams with her McSpicy(:

grams with her McSpicy(:

the brother and his filet-o-fish.

the brother and his filet-o-fish.

the dad caught with his tongue out!

the dad caught with his tongue out!

grams and me (:

grams and me (:

After sending the grams home, I decided to head for a stroll. Yes, after the cramps this morning (that left my legs hurting), I still went for a stroll! And it was pretty uneventful. But I saw the moon through the trees and noticed how HUGE the trees along the roads are. Like HUGE.

red among the green. hate the noise that comes along with shooting in "Night" mode.

red among the green. hate the noise that comes along with shooting in "Night" mode.

the moon through the trees.

the moon through the trees.

I think I might have dropped Omny one too many times. I can’t take sunset shots anymore. Actually, when I point it to any source of light, it will turn it into a blob. Nice when you are indoors or when the effect is like the one in the picture with my grams. But when you are trying to take a shot of the sky during sunset or sunrise, it SUCKS! I want a nice portable camera!

I have missed like 3 pretty sunset because of it. Upset (trademark!).

But yup. Going to bathe soon! And maybe a movie or random clicking or just reading. I want to continue to feel this way. Calm, relaxed and a little content (:

OH! And I feel like going to Hort Park soon. I want take pictures of flowers!

Many things to be thankful right? Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your blessings and see what God has done.


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