the types.

On the way back to HQ from NTU, my colleague asked, “ what types of guys do you go for?”

I went, “I don’t think I have a type. All my crushes look pretty different!”

And while on the way home, it hit me.

I do go for a certain ‘type’ BUT! not in terms of physical character but more like “character”? So what do I for in a guy?

Well, I go for guys who are successful and driven. And what they do with their success.

I mean looking through the crushes that I have in the past 3 years, there’s K, L, D and W. And most of them are VERY driven AND pretty much successful.

Yups! But usually they are infatuation? I think I like being around them because they spur me on. And I think they won’t be very sticky. *shrugs*

And well, another random fact. I go for guys who don’t look their age. They either look older than they are or younger than they are. LOLS!


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