what is your purpose for using twitter?

I think I wrote about this around the same time last year? Can’t recall.

But I guess how you use Twitter and whether it is deemed as “rude” or “okay” depends on what others think your purpose for using Twitter are.

If others think that you are using Twitter just to spread message, well, you can pop in once in a while, tweet and then disappear. Disregarding the replies or taking eons to reply to them (if at all).

However! If you are using Twitter to share information and at the same time make new friends/maintain new ones, then I think you can’t do the stuff above. You can’t just pop in once in a while, tweet and the disappear/take eons to reply OR (the worse case of all) don’t respond to them. It’s just rude, don’t you think? It’s like you are just trying to tell everyone that, “..It’s okay! I’m alive! kthxbai!” And to put in a very plurk way, it’s like you are just trying to chalk up karma.

For me, I think if that Twitter account has a face to it with a name/nick to it, then I will perceive that the person belongs to the 2nd category. HOWEVER! If the Twitter account contains a generic logo/logo/brand, then I guess, I won’t mind so much.

Oh and for community-intensive thing like Plurk, the first category DO NOT EXIST.

Yups. Just some random thought.


One thought on “what is your purpose for using twitter?

  1. I think Twitter to me is more of sharing information/looking for interesting reads etc. I don’t see the point of following companies or people who are just busy doing self-promoting.

    Then again, I think Plurk is definitely more “personal” – I don’t think I’ll tweet like “I am going to buy myself a new dress nao” unlike what I MIGHT do on Plurk ? (haha)

    Though it really annoys me if someone tweets/plurks ALOT and it’s all like “rubbish” about him/herself. haha

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