The Last Summer (of You and Me) by Ann Brashares.

I stumbled across this book when I visited Bishan Library after my final paper. I was too lazy to climb all the way to the 3rd floor and browse through the many shelves for book so I decided to take a look at the recommended books on the 1st floor.

The title caught my eye. Don’t you think it has a bittersweet feel to it? Especially with the You & Me written in brackets. It’s almost like those words were added as an afterthought. Like the author was unsure if those words should be there or not. I don’t know.

Anyways, other than the title, the author caught my eye too. I rather enjoyed “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” so I thought I should give this book a shot. And I’m glad I did.

The storyline was pretty normal. Not fantastic. I found it  a little hard to get used to the lifestyle and scenes described in the book. Usually I will have a pretty good mind-map of how the houses look like and such. But not for this book. Almost gave up but lucky I stayed.

The description of the feelings of the characters in the book was pretty good. It got me ‘inspired’ to write one of my own sappy stories too (take a look at my OTHER blog). But yeah.

As per usual, not going to say much. Just going to share some quotes from the book –

Love was a rose, according to the song, and you weren’t supposed to pick it. Well, she’d picked it, and now she had the handful of thorns.”

The longer he spent with his father’s things, the less remote and the less precious they become. He got better at throwing them away. It seemed analogous to the moment in a relationship when you got comfortable enough in another person’s presence that you could waste time together.”

We trusted ourselves when we were younger….We didn’t trust ourselves to be adults, though. We thought we knew better then (when we were younger).”

yups yups.


One thought on “The Last Summer (of You and Me) by Ann Brashares.

  1. Hi Huishan,

    Thrilled to find a fellow book lover =) I’m Yen Yen, a librarian from NLB.. (which you are not unfamilar with :P)

    Chanced upon this blog post, and saw that you like Ann Brashares.. Did you know that she has another new book out, titled ‘3 willows: ths sisterhood grows’.. It is now available at our libraries! So the next time when you make your monthly pilgrimage to the library, you can check out this book!

    You might also wish to check out our ASK! blog, and we have a fiction section, and you might find more book recommendations there..


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