RT and #followfriday.

I guess if you are on my Twitter list, you will know that I don’t really like RT and detest #followfriday.

RT: Re-Tweeting

While I do understand that sometimes, there are certain quotes or articles shared by someone in your list and you think people in your list will enjoy it, I think if the MAJORITY of your tweets are RTs, then I’m sorry – Twittering FAIL.

Posted this up for Twitter Tees by Threadless.

Posted this up for Twitter Tees by Threadless.

Okay, let me attempt to explain why. Twitter (and I quote), “..is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time..” Therefore, if you are just purely RT, how are you staying connected?

NEXT! If you are RT-ing say on one consistent topic all the time then I think that is still acceptable, because it shows that you are interested in one topic and wants to share it with other people. It shows/reveals that you have a personality. BUT! If you are just RT-ing a jumble of stuff on different topics, then it’s irritating and reveals nothing about you.

BESIDES! By consistently RT-ing about one topic, it works in your advantage. For example, when people are looking for someone to follow on that certain topic, your name might just pop up in their mind/recommendation because you have consistently showed your interest and that you have interesting articles to share. Remember, Twitter is actually blogging in micro form. Think of it like a blog. If you are constantly blogging about one topic, people are more likely to recommend your blog for that topic. You know like uniquefrequency, who constantly blogs about social media. So yups! Use that blogging analogy and apply it to Twitter. (Of course, your credibility will increase in Twitter if you share your personal thoughts ON TOP of RT-ing.)

Think along the line of @photoschool who tweets and RTs things that are related to photography. (Sorry, I don’t follow alot of people on Twitter so this example may or may not be ideal.)

Still on RT: RT-ing yourself

I understand that there are some people who holds multiple accounts like @photoschool and @socialmediadude are all by @willyfoo (sorry, dude! have to use you as an example!). The aim or objective is so that you can tweet/RT about specific topics in specific accounts. For example, things about photography goes to @photoschool while things about social media goes to @socialmediadude. Totally make sense and in sync with what I’ve said above. Totally cool and dainty!

HOWEVER! When you start RT-ing yourself, like first, you RT on one account (in this example, @willyfoo) then you RT yourself again on the other related acoount (either @photoschool or @socialmediadude), it’s gets a little irritating. Imagine people who follows you on all three accounts. They will be flooded! Kinda. And if they do want to make a reply, which one do they reply to? To some extent, you are actually defeating the purpose of setting up the respective account because you are mixing everything up.

And IF! You only RT some articles about one topic in both accounts and some articles about that topic in only one account, people will get confused! Who do they follow? Just @socialmediadude or both @socialmediadude and @willyfoo (Sorry again! Using you as an example!)

Bringing it back to ‘generally speaking’, I understand that by RT-ing yourself, you are just ensuring that all your target audience will be reached (since not everyone follow you on all 3 account) BUT! Wouldn’t it be better if you just direct people to ONE account in your profile? And perhaps, add a byline in your profile to let people know that you have seperate accounts about <insert topic> and if they are interested, they should follow you over there.

In this way, your ‘direction’ is clear and you don’t flood people.

Moving on.


I was on a Twitter break for about a year. Okay, fine! I was hooked onto Plurk for a year. But the first Friday that I returned to Twitter, I was pretty impressed with the whole idea of #followfriday.

Basically, #followfriday invites people to recommend interesting Twitters to follow. Mashable probbaly has a better explanation – #followfriday and if you are on Twitter, you probably know how #followfriday works.

But after awhile, #followfriday got really irritating. It seems like people are recommending everyone on their list! Like everyone and anyone is interesting. And for some, the same people keeps getting re-recommended by the same people. If that person is really interesting, we would have followed him! You don’t have to recommend him over and over again. If you are afraid that some of your new followers will miss out, then perhaps you can re-recommend that person a month later and not every week.

Oh, and there are some we recommend other people in the hopes of getting recommended. Like heh?

I quite like this article about #followfriday – Followfriday is Sabotaging Your Twitter Experience. It summarizes my thoughts quite neatly and nicely. I quite like their suggestion of not recommending more than 3 person in a day and giving a reason why the person recommended is interesting and has follow-value.

However, I’ve noticed that even this seemingly useful suggestion is being abused (*gasps*) and it’s now even more irritating. Instead of getting on Twit with a list of people to follow, I get multiple (more than 5) tweets in one blast over several periods. Gah.


I’ve noticed that some people will recommend themselves every week. What’s up with that?

Add the byline that you have other accounts and then maybe recommend yourself on every other #followfriday.

You will sound less irritating and probably won’t appear like you are over-promoting yourself.

the deadly combination: RT-ing #followfriday

This is a relatively new observation I made. Someone will do several #followfriday tweets and then sometime later, someone will RT ALL those #followfriday tweets.

I mean, gee! Maybe you guys are recommending the same person for the same reason, but perhaps, you would like to paraphrase or come up with BETTER reasons that will probably entice people to follow the person that you are recommending. I guess I should say, “RT-ing #followfriday is not #followfriday, you parrot!”.

But I guess a few RTs of #followfriday is allowed. Just not ALL.

the end.

the office is really conducive for blogging! of course not during office hours where everyone is walking around and flooding your emails. right. heading home now.


4 thoughts on “RT and #followfriday.

  1. Well said!!!

    But I think FollowFriday is useful if everyone just recommend 1 user per week. And give a short intro about the person and why you think this person is worth following. That will make follow friday more interesting. πŸ™‚

  2. Agree with DK about followfriday.. But ppl just recommend too many..

    As for RT. I don’t agree to the first part. RT is basically saying.. Ooo.. I saw someone talk about this.. It might be interesting to you.. check it out.. Sometime a person is interested in various topics, his/her RTs will be all over the place..

    And finally since you brought up the blogging analogy, I feel that the basic rule of the internet is that everyone is welcome to behave in their own ways as long as you don’t specifically go and bother others.. If people want to RT everything, the internet allows them by giving us the mechanism like unfollow. We should use them well.. πŸ™‚

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