sometimes you dont see what’s behind.

been cabbing to work quite a bit this week. 3 times out of 5. stopped only when someone went, “why are you always taking cabs these days?!” and that’s that.

ANYWAYS! While I was sulking about going to work, I looked at the rear view mirror and saw this –



and I went, “Wow”. I did look at the sky on my way out but it was nothing like that. I guess I was just too busy walking forward that I didn’t turn around and look at the sky behind me.


what's behind.

Not exactly the same as the cab moved before I can take a proper picture. But yups.

*ahem* let me try to describe what I was feeling then. I guess, sometimes we are just so focused on moving forward and so sure of what we want, that we forgot our past. and sometimes, we get so caught up in the rat race that we forgot to stop and take a look around. Imagine all the nice things that we have missed? Heh.

But yeah, after seeing that scene, I felt better(: Still sulking but probably 10% of the original amount(:

OH! Here’s how the sky look like while I was on my way to Timbre with Grace and gang on Thursday –

pretty colors.

pretty colors.

yups. anyways, omny is at it again. lumping pools of light tgth. zz..

ok, Z monster has arrved. off to bed.

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