a conversation in the family.

At 10.30pm, as the “Incredible Tales” music starts to play –

Brother: YES! Ah Shan (me) not at home can watch horror show!

Sister: *laughs*

Possible thought process of the parental unit then –

Mum: Heh. I will stay up and watch with them and wait for Ah Shan to come home. Might as well.

Dad: DARN! No excuse to ask them not to watch.

At 10.45pm, as I opened the door and stepped into the house. Here are probably the possible thoughts of the siblings –

Brother: DARN! Might have to stop watching already!

Sister: Ohwell.

Actual conversation of the parental units –

Mum: Ah Shan! LOOK! We are watching horror show!

Me: *whines to Dad* LAO PAAAA! They watch horror show!

Dad: SEE! Ah Shan is back! Later she scared ah! You better stop! Later electricity bill shoot up how?

It sounds funnier in my head somehow.


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