Beginner Photography Class B05 by Willy Foo(:

Some time back in early July, I was frantically looking for people to take the class with me. Luckily, Juan told me Ling was interested and I sms-ed her on the day lesson starts and VIOLA! Both of us were on our way to class that very evening (:

4 lessons for $240 ($180 for students!) and it’s money well-spent! ๐Ÿ˜€ For me at least. While the first two lessons are very theory-heavy (and I almost fell asleep cause too tired from work), the last 2 lessons are much more interactive. I guess it’s also because everyone has “warmed up” to each other(:



Personal favorite out of the 4 classes will definitely be the outdoor shoot! We get to try out the theories that we have learnt in the first 2 classes. And of course, feedback from the laoshi (Willy Foo) was given. We had to show him our pictures if not we won’t get out cert! Fierce right? ๐Ÿ˜› But, that’s the best way to learn. If you don’t try, you won’t know! Besides, the teacher don’t bite and the class is small enough for him to give enough attention to everyone(:

waiting to do panning shots!

waiting to do panning shots!

Of course, going outdoors means you will attract attention. Imagine a group of 20 people holding on to huge-ass cameras standing by the roadside. Bound to catch people’s attention! I think if the class gets any bigger, we might just get on the news! OR! Attract the police’s attention. It’s also funny to see how people will try to stick their head or stop to look up and see what we are shooting. Especially outside Orchard Central! A bunch of tourists actually took out their PNS and started shooting too (even though they have no idea what they are supposed to be shooting). Haha.

And I like the outdoor shoots so much that I am wondering if I can tag along for future classes’ outdoor shoots! A good way to practise all the techniques and I can also help the new students! *looks at Willy Foo* Can, uncle? ๐Ÿ˜›

personal favorite (:

personal favorite (:

I have officially completed all 4 lessons and made some new friends along the way *waves to everyone* Probably going to spend a bomb on a new DSLR soon! Bye bye, Lumix! The past 6 years have been great! But my flings with D200 and D700 is just too nice! I’ll pass you on to my sister de! I think she SHOULD know how to use you ๐Ÿ˜› And of course! Enthusiast Photography Course E02 at end September! Can’t wait to see everyone again! (:

certificate with flowers from convocation(:

certificate with flowers from convocation(:

SO! If you are interested in photography or keen to find out more, join the FB group – Photoschool to receive news about upcoming classes or trips OR you can sign up for September’s Intensive Weekend Photogrpahy Course for Beginners, there are still spaces available! And I am thinking of getting my brother to go (especially since he is interested in photography and I will have gotten a DSLR by then).

If you think the things taught in the Beginners Class may be too basic, go for the Enthusiast Class (which I am going in Sept!) – Sign up atย  Enthusiast Photography Class E02! 3 more spaces only! Come come and be my classmates(:

LASTLY! If you just want to shoot, you can join the Singapore Photography Group in FB(: They have outings/talks every month! Photo competition every month too! Good way to learn and “improve” the way you look at thingsย  (i.e. you won’t keep shooting in the same pattern).

Oh and thanks, Ling! For taking the course with me (:

perspective and framing!

perspective and framing!

P/S: I graduated TWICE this week! (:

Photography makes me happy (:


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