my superpower stopped at 07-08-09 10:11:12!

Bright and early in the morning, I was told that it’s 07-08-09. I thought THAT was pretty cool and wondered how many couples are going to get married or how many boyfriends are going to proposed.

And then, sometime before time, someone told me, “..its 12:34:56 07-08-09!” Followed by some whines that they missed it! I was kinda amused.

When I came home, I saw several of my friend’s FB status, “..did anyone notice that it’s 07-08-09 10:11:12?” And then there are comments that saying that they missed the afternoon one and was kinda upset. I am more than amused.

Upset because they missed ONE second? And call me unromantic, but really! what’s the big deal? I mean if you are upset because you didn’t notice the date then ok. But because you missed that silly ONE second?

What’s the big deal again? Are we going to grow fangs for that one second? Have super powers perhaps?

I think the only group of people who can make a fuss about the sequencing will be women in labour! Other than, no!

Anyways, if you are really disappointed, i have a solution! Change your clock to US timing! you can relive that time again! 😀

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