the pedicure and manicure.

The first time I had a professional pedicure was back in July when I was prepping myself up for convocation (: I also signed up for a ridiculously expensive package at Strip.

I told Mabel, “..Yes, I will only do a pedicure on special occassions..” and her reply was, “..That’s what you said about waxing!!” I looked at her and laughed.

But yes! Last week, after accompanying my mum to the doctor’s, I decided that I should do something to cheer myself up. So I called Strip to try and get an appointment but they are fully booked. So in desperation, I called Nail Palace in AMK Hub and VIOLA! I got myself an appointment.

The experience was okay. Maybe because it’s AMK Hub. The atmosphere was very….heartlandish. I prefer Strip’s atmosphere better (: But yeah. I decided to go for a brighter colour this time and I got pink!

barbie doll pink
barbie doll pink

Kinda regretted it! It actually looks nice on ONE toe but when all ten are painted, it looks kind of BLEH! sigh. But what to do? It’s already done! SO! Since I was disappointed with the color, I decided to do a manicure as well! And this time, I got the lightest shade of pink. French manicure-ish kind of colour. TADA!!

baby pink (:

baby pink (:

Okay, the picture abit blur cause I was walking and taking a picture at the same time! But yups. For those of you who goes, “! but like no colour leh!” That’s the point!!! HAHAHAHAHA! It looks natural and nice (:

So yups! I had my second pedicure and first manicure! And next time, I am going back to Strip! To utilise my package!!!

DIE! I am getting so bimbotic and hiao lately. Tsktsk. Save money, woman. SAVE.MONEY!


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