Top Design

Season 1 (:

Season 1 (:

I stumbled upon this series when my MioTV was still working. And since I like interior design, I thought, “Why not?” and off to I went 😀

Nothing as fantastic as Project Runway or ANTM. No bitch fight, no snappy comments. Almost everyone is nice. Which is kinda boring?

And somehow, the elimination (The White Room) seem to lack in….drama? If you are through, you move to the side. And if you are sent home, you just go? No platforms for you to walk on and no host/judge kissing you on the cheeks. Just a simple, “..See you later, decorator..” *cringe*

Overall, the whole series is not polished enough (the host had a champagne clamped under his arms during the last episode!)? And the designs are not that inspiring? So HMM! It’s more of a show to listen to than to watch? You can just leave it playing in the background and then pop in for like 5 minutes to see the designed room and then go back to listening. Heh.

Heading over to Season 2 now. A pretty good show to watch at work ;p


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