the msg from a jerk.

I was on my way to work when I got this sms:

Hi, A and I have parted ways. I m looking for someone to meet casually but regularly. Are you ok with it, since we have already met it takes away the hassle to go through the searching online.

Like totally WTF. First, you are hitting on your ex’s friend. Second, you actually think that I will actually be interested in you and conveniently forget that you used to be with my friend? Don’t flatter yourself, asshole.

Third, your punctuations. God. Go take some lesson lah, please. Fourth, your message suggest that you want something that is low-maintainance. That you just want someone to you-know-what (trying to keep my blog PG). Fifth, I am not interested in you and if you can’t tell that too bad. Jerk.

Sixth, you think I will want the whole deal just because we have met? Even if you are look for a you-know-what, thats not the way to do it. That message just show how “low” you think the person you are going after is.

And PLEASE! Show some RESPECT! For me and for A.

My reply?


I wish there’s a way to stamp on his ego at the same time. But, I guess a “No” will do too.

Seriously? Jerks, please get out of my life.


6 thoughts on “the msg from a jerk.

  1. Be careful if u wanna play games like that. A simple no is classy. If u wanna bait him, have an end game in sight. Be focused.

    Or else things may backfire.

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