Victor took this a few months back when I was going through quite a tough period.



Eventually, I did manage to pull myself out of the ugly period. But this picture was so nice that I kinda hanged on to it. Even printed it out and place it in my EZ-link card holder.

Now, I am more or less experiencing the same shit like less time. And Victor took the following shot with Darran’s D90.



Almos the same position but this time, I am smiling/laughing (:

I guess, what I am trying to say here is that. I am facing the same shit, but my attitude this time is slightly cheery-er than before. Just like the picture (: I will be strong and maybe perhaps, this time, I will finally be able to walk away from it FOR GOOD (:

Anyways, thanks, Victor! For the nice nice shots of me (:


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