thoughts in the middle of the night.

this is totally out-of-the-blue. loads to blog about especially after the busy saturday and sunday. but these thoughts get priority?

this one one is about parenting and teaching little kids. each family have their own parenting style. so sometimes, i am pretty scared to “play” with little kids. especially those before primary school. why? not because i am scared that they will cry and throw tantrums. that i can handle. it’s just that the kids at that age are so absorbent? one wrong move and the efforts that the parents have put in might just go *kaboom* eeps! but then again, it’s just me thinking too much!

and after spending a day with Yee Fei’s and Thomas’s kids, I realised how my possible future parenting style is similar (but NOT the same) as my parents. Especially when I told Xavier to have 5 more mouthful of food when he refused to eat-.- My mum loves to do that to me when I was young. Of course, I’m not as smart as Xavier who kept count. My “5 mouths” usually means finishing the whole bowl of rice. OPPS!

Anyways, after today, I realised I really like being around kids (: Their attention span is almost as short as mine! Erm..kinda! Mine is slightly longer! And chasing after them is fine too! Babysitter anyone? HAHAHAHA!

And thanks, Xavier (: I was feeling a tad emo towards the end when he suddenly say he wants to talk to my hand and proceed to kiss the back of my hand. SO SWEET *melts and evaporate*

On a seperate note, I visited the grams at the coffee shop after Thomas sent Lois and I (me?) home. And for some reason, the fact that my grams is old hit me and I really couldn’t bear to go home. So I just stood there, rubbing her shoulders and tried to make conversations.

Of course, after about 5-10 minutes, she sent me home. And I reluctantly went home. I don’t know. I really miss the days when dad’s shop was still around and I see my grams every day. Sigh.

Which brings me to another point. I think the dad’s shop was my escape since I was born? I think this year would have been much much easier to get by, my tough periods easier to jump through if the shop was still around. I miss cashiering, miss stoning in the shop, miss stacking goods onto shelf and miss the fun of unpacking goods. It’s all therapeutic to me. Now, it’s gone. Ah well.

Late now. Bedtime reading(:


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