the ugly truth.

So I finally managed to get someone to watch this movie with me (: The advertisement was on FB back in early September but it was until I saw the trailer while watching “Time Traveler’s Wife” that I decided that, YES! I want to watch this movie! (: Not a fan of chick flick. But I have to say, this kind of chick flick + Katheringe Heigl is totally my kind of stuff šŸ˜€

Met Mabel after work last night and we caught the 7.35pm show. We terrorized the ticketing boy (probably gave him nightmares), changed our mind about the type of popcorn combi we wanted many times (and purchasing our initial choice at the end-.-) and finally we are on the way to the cinema!

my geeky/auntie look-.-

my geeky/auntie look-.-

While waiting for the movie to start, some bimbotic things involving the popcorn and the erm….*ahem* happened. But thou shalt not mention it. HAHAHA!

ANYWAYS! About the movie! (:

Filled with plenty of witty exhcange and LOL-ed actions, this is a movie to watch if you are a) well on the way to recovery or b) need a good laugh (: Katherin Heigl is superb as the uptight control freak. And the scene with the vibrating briefs was hilarious! Totally topped her performance in “Knocked Up”. Check out 00:13 onwards.

FYI, there IS such a product called the Vibrating Brief. Still havent figure out how it works and seriously, I am REALLY curious. It’s just a piece of flimsy undie so where is the vibrating component hidden? HMMMM.

*slaps self* I’m deviating *ahem* SO! While I like the most of the screenplay, I didn’t quite like how the ending was kinda abrupt? It’s just kinda like…Girl got Doctor. And then *BOOM* Boy who helped Girl to get Doctor like Girl! It’s a little fast? But I think it all blends well. If they really really explain everything, then I think the movie might be a tad draggy.

SO! Overall –

3.5- popcorns

3.5- popcorns

P/S: After the movie, Mabel wanted to go shop for shoes. But we stopped by Triumph and we all know that Triumph and I are best friend >.< So we stayed there for 45 minutes and I walked away 124bucks lighter, with 2 new bras and 1 membership card-.- WHAT?! THEY ARE PRETTY OKAY!!!


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